I love it when a plan comes together

After a nice weekend of much encouragement, I've begun Operation Uberfrau.

My plans are thus:
M/W/F: 30 min HIT cardio on the bike
T/Th: 25 minute swim
Weekends: what I can fit in. Maybe nothing...maybe walks, elliptical, exercise ball DVD...

Muscle work:
M/Th: Lower body and abs
T/F: Upper body weights
Wed - a bit longer cardio and a focus on core and back

Seems doable. This gives me 48 hours between muscle groups for recovery. Anyone with actual workout training see any things wrong with that? I'm just trying to build up a program from what I've read to get good overall muscles and tone. I'm only at the campus gym monday to friday, so this should hopefully give me a good overall workout.
I also have some not bad tasting vanilla protein shakes and a trusty shaker for me to snarf up some extra protein after every workout. I've been told over and over that it matters and I'm finally doing it. Here's hoping it will help. I also have some multi vitamins, B12 complexes and Omrga/fish oil supplements for my health. And healthy food...
A challenge for me is eating before I workout. I know I really shouldn't exercise on an empty stomach, but every time I try to eat before I do I feel queasy and yech all thru the cardio. Afterwards I can eat fine. I keep trying to find things that won't make me queasy that early in the morning. This morning after my weekend's shocking discovery that I like cottage cheese I had 1/2 a cup this morning before I set out on the bus. I figured it's good for me, with fats and proteins...and even tho it's a 30 minute bus ride before I work out I still spent all workout burping cottage cheese. Not great...but at least I wasn't nauseous. (Yup, new thing. Haven't had it since I was a kid when Mum kept trying to make me eat it, and I didn't like it then. Turns out, along with a lot of stuff I thought I hated, now I do. It's pretty tasty actually...and good for me with lots of protein. Mums do know what's best after all! )
Now the robot says I burned 501 calories on day one of this journey. Not too shabby.
Time for some yogurt and granola and it's off to work.

I want to work better not harder...am I on the right track?


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