I feel GREAT

Today is my day off so I slept in a bit and waited for a repair man to fix my stove before coming in to work on some of my Master's stuff at work. It was so nice to saunter in to work mid-morning and have a full on, no time limited, workout at the gym. With all my sleep and breakfast I had a good hard workout and tried a few new machines out, because time wasn't so critical. I'm getting some muscles in my arms and shoulders now...it's very cool to see.
And yes - I feel GREAT!
Now I'm in at work for a half day...it's nice because I'm *technically* not here so I can work as I please and get done what needs to be done and no one can bug me :)
Best of all, tonight I can hang out with my husband.
We might go out. On a date. I *know* :)
I can't wait to cook a leisurely supper together and have a relaxed evening together. It's been a while.

Have a great weekend everybody :)

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