Cruel to be kind? Meh...

After all the hubub and whatsits about the rather mean article written in Marie Claire about fitness blogging I am finding myself to be more skeptical of...well...myself.
Many people blog for many reasons. I blog just for me. Not to disregard you readers (hello!) but ultimately this blog helps me be accountable for my health and fitness. Knowing I have to write it all down keeps it real. Plus I've met some great people in the blogosphere, and it encourages me to read their daily struggles and successes. I don't expect anyone to "tailer" their blog to make it more readable for me. If I like it I'll read it. That's it...I mean I'm a scientist. I write scientific papers. I won't even pretend to be a grippingly interesting writer :)
The article, altho rather cruel if you ask me, did point out something that I've often thought about. Sometimes when I read an article by someone who is REALLY into fitness or whatever exercise regime they're in and I stop and wonder why they aren't happy where they are at. Why they're pushing themselves so hard...why they aren't happy enough as they are. I'm not knocking striving for better or trying to be healthier, but really...I think it's so easy as a woman to keep comparing ourselves to each other and take our attitudes to beauty and carry it over, even in the fitness regime. To think that if we aren't sweating to the point of exhaustion or training for a mini marathon or counting every morsel that goes into our mouth we just aren't trying enough. In my opinion, that is sad.
I know for me I balk at logging all my daily food. It's not that I don't want to see it written down...I just don't like how fixated and paranoid it makes me about food. It's not good for me to look at food like that. I already give it too much space in my life...I'm looking at having a normal attitude to food...I know me. I know how I could get. I will not go there.
As for exercise? I want to feel healthy and fit. I want to rebuild my knee and have the energy to do what I need to do in a day. I feel like I'm on my journey there...and sometimes I have to really watch myself for not getting caught up in trying too hard...pushing too far just for bragging rights. At the end of the day I don't need to be an elite athlete...just me. I don't want fitness to take over my life where I'm counting calories or thinking about my next workout or how to be better. I really think it's easy to take it too far.
I count on those out in the blogosphere to give me a kind but reminding slap on the wrist if I go too far out somewhere and stop looking after myself properly. I personally think the support and kindness on the internet should be a force for goodness in our lives. In the end, although the article was mean (and totally biased) really made me think. It was a reminder that I should not look to others for the value I place on myself. That has to come from me. :)
And so today I'm proud that even though I have a midterm exam today (first in 10 years...oh man...) and a long day ahead of me I am looking after myself. I had a 30 minute bike ride with HIT intervals, some weights and stretching and healthy meals set out for my day.

All of you - remember that you are the reason you are doing this. You are worth it and I hope that at the end of the day you can look in the mirror and smile at who you are and all you've achieved.
Here's to another great day!


azusmom said...

I also found that article to be jarring, even though it did bring up a couple of good points. But I read every day, and she is HARDLY obsessive or unhealthy! She blogs about food, yes, but also about her husband, her dog, and shopping.
I also find it odd that a fashion magazine would dump on these women while, at the same time, flaunt their emaciated models as ideals of beauty on every page. Way to support the sisterhood, Marie-Claire!

Charlotte said...

My first reaction to that article was "RUDE!" and then I took a second look and was like "thank heavens she didn't find my blog (not that I'm big enough that she would anyhow) because she'd have had enough ED fodder to write a whole book instead of an article." The honest truth is the MC article made some good points. It's made me re-evaluate my responsibility to my readers and think perhaps I need to filter what I write a little better. And - for the record - I love what you write. I have never left your site feeling worse about myself!