Too much of a good thing

I went swimming this morning. It was nice. 25 minutes of flippery fun. It'll be a long day so I had a good breakfast and have 2 healthy meals packed. I'm ready for my day.

I felt blechy this morning from overindulgence, even tho it wasn't very much. My brother had me over for an early birthday visit since I had a bit of free time last night. They don't eat very well in general, and tend to have lots of junk food, so I expected a bit of less healthy, but my innards are all healthed up and they weren't entirely pleased. We had homemade pork burgers (yum) and then fries (um...yum?), which I haven't had in a while. My appetite is a bit smaller and I felt quite full and a bit bleh at the end. Then they brought out the ice cream cake (eep)...yum but yuck. I felt bad because they'd gotten it just for me, and I do like ice cream cake, but they cut up majorly huge pieces, as they have sweet tooths and go for ice cream all the time. I tried to be polite and ate most of my giant piece...and felt off the rest of the evening. Too much sugar and fat for my body. Perhaps I should have waited a bit. Either way, it wasn't something I enjoyed like I used to...

It's weird to think that I used to eat more than this all the time and now, it's too rich and greasy. Weird how things change...

My temple deserves better. Today it will get it :)


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