Remind me of the story that I won't get insane

Well...this morning I did not go swimming. Not because of my knee (it's just dandy), but because I was at work last night until very late and didn't actually get home until 12:20 (yes that's AM). After 2 more hours of homework I finally got to sleep at I figured an hour of sleep would be more useful to me today, as it will easily be a 14 hour again today before I can go home.
Insanity looms...but if I can just make it to the weekend I have a few days off with family. I will still have to study and do some work, but it won't be the same insane pace it's been lately...and there will be turkey involved at some point! :)
I am awake and less tired than I should be and have healthy meals packed for the day, so as long as I can keep my caffeine levels up I think I will survive the day...

I leave you with the song from a great Egyptian heavy electronic group that always get me going in the mornings when I'm tired or don't want to work out. By the time I get to the end of it I *always* end up tapping my feel and bobbing my head...and when I work out to it I end up in a grinning puddle of sweat by the end. Enjoy and have a great day everybody :)


azusmom said…
I hear ya! This morning I was going to go fro a bike ride, but ended up taking a nap. After a week of utter insanity, starting a new job, subbing a bunch of classes and almost no sleep, I needed that nap more than a ride.
Sagan said…
Wow. You are amazing. You worked for two hours after getting home PAST midnight?

I bow down.

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