Bucket List

This weekend I was very bad. I wasn't careful and I ate whatever and drank whatever...and I gained 2 pounds. But, thankfully now, for me, it's easy to get back on track again and it was a great evening. I don't want to be so strict with myself that I never enjoy myself. It's a challenge because food and I are not normally related. Sometimes when I work at a crazy pace and I have the chance to relax I just have to. And sometimes that means indulging...I don't yet know how to entirely not do that. It's a learning process...

My friend Lisa, upon turning 40, has made a list of the things she wants to do before she dies. A bit morbid I'll admit, but to me, a great idea. She has so many things she wants to see and do and realised "what am I waiting for?" So she's checking things off the list bit by bit. It's given me a little bit to think about - what do I still want to do? How can I achieve it? At first I thought it was a bit silly and over planning, but with time to think about it I agree with Lisa -I've got my whole life to do things...why not make a list? I have my whole life to get through it, but if I don't focus...don't try...I definitely won't get there.
Saturday was one of Lisa's "list" items achieved and afterwards she, my friend Heather and I had a celebratory night of beer, girl talk and munchies. None of us are girly girls - and we're all scientists, so I feel so incredibly comfortable with them. It was a blast...too many chips and beers but I haven't laughed like that with the girls in ages. So much fun. Just what I needed. Sunday after work I got to relax with J and an old friend who popped by out of the blue who I haven't seen in ages. We had scones for breakfast (oh. yeah.) a nice BBQ and watched a movie, again, with munchies. I kept myself a bit more in check, but not that much. Still. Yum. I'm not perfect. I try.

And so today it's back on the wagon. How do I know this? Well, because I'm at the healthy place I am now. I saw what I wanted to change and I changed it. In conversation that night we talked about high school and we all lamented about how the styles were back from then...but how we wouldn't fit into our clothes from then anymore. And I cracked up laughing because for me they'd be too big :) Yes I was pelted with snacks because of it, but it felt good. It reminded me of how far I'd come and that I've stayed here for a number of years...and that I am determined to remain here. It was a Bucket List thing for me...for the rest of my life.

Now the scale tells me when I need to keep an eye on things, so I'm back to my solid regime. A good cardio workout this morning with weights, HIIT on the exercise bike, knee exercises and ab work - robot says I burned 425 calories. My knee feels fine. After a healthy breakfast I'm off to a good start I think. I plan on getting rid of those pesky pounds straight away. It's Thanksgiving this weekend -I need a little breathing room for an inevitable snack or two -I'm not made of stone. I'm partly in charge of food so there will be healthy snacks, but family holidays are tricky for me food wise, and I know it will be especially strange for this one. I'm an emotional eater and I'm not sure how I'll do. It's going to be a strange weekend...very emotional for me...the first family holiday without Mum. She and I always spent holidays together in the kitchen. It was our time to visit. I will really miss that time with her- I'll try and do her proud and live up to her stuffing making standards :)

Have a fantastic day everyone. I'm off into the fray...

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