Mondays seem to get longer every week.

Whew! Yesterday was loooooong. I walked home form work with J at 8, and made some supper at 9. THEN I had homework. Thankfully, my loverly J rubbed my very sore back and today it feels fine. My knee didn't get annoyed even with all that walking (~3km) after a long day. That pleased me very much. Maybe I really am strengthening it slowly. I hope so.
I went swimming this morning and it was tough but good. I used the flippers for most of it and focused on moving my knee properly and it didn't give me any issues at all. Yeah! :)
AND I checked the scale today and I'm back to 129. Another yeah! the end, I am insanely busy, but I feel OK.
Tonight is grocery night. We're going to get TONNES of healthy stuff for meals and snacks. It's funny-with me being so busy J is now having time to workout after work as well, so he's feeling better too. We're both making efforts to be healthy and it feels good.
I've just gotta keep it together until the end of the semester.

Later taters...


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