Hot biking

While away on my brain expanding weekend I learned a lot. As much as I wanted to just sink into bed saturday I was too pumped from all the new things going on so I chose to head out and pick up some sushi ( can't get good sushi in the middle of the prairies) and some pear cider and come back to my hotel room and check out the gym. It was rather impressive...lots of treadmills, elliptical, bikes, weight machines and then a whole room of free weights with weighted poles and balls and mats. I had a great workout.
The exercise bikes were near the roof top deck so you could look at the city at night...very cool. I was dumb and picked the one right next to the sauna and hot tub. Holy humidity batman! By the time I was done biking I really couldn't have done too much more...the muggy hot creeps up on you!
I'm pleased that I still worked out on a trip even tho it was so tempting with the 2 hour time change to just go to bed super early. I've never done that felt good. The reward of a hot shower and delicious sushi is one I wish I could offer myself more often! And I got to sleep like the dead in a king sized bed all to myself :).
This weekend I managed to sneak in a visit with old friends who also live in Toronto before I flew back this morning...we came milliseconds from missing my flight (stupid traffic) but I made it home thank goodness. It was a lot of fun to travel on my own. I liked it.
I'm trying to organize things for tomorrow to dive back into life again. My bag didn't make it home with me (that's how close I cut it to not getting home on my flight) so I have to go pick it up tonight and get set for another day...

Goodnight all. I hope you had a great weekend!!


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