Reunited and it feels so good :)

I finally got out for a run this's been too long. The weather has been rather craptastic this spring, but it's finally up above zero in the mornings so I psyched myself up to go out stopped raining by the time I left, so it was chilly but nice. I ran 3 minutes and walked 4 minutes 6 times. I'm hoping to add 30 seconds to the run part every week until I'm up to run 5 walk 2 and then stick with that, adding reps of the run/walk thing. My knees are happier when I do that. It was a beautiful morning out...birds everywhere, and zillions of gophers. So glad to be back out there...

This weekend I got some yardwork done (please tell me I am not the only one who *loves* playing with the whipper snipper?). J and I also had a great relaxing weekend together - went out for a play friday night and to a great lounge for drinks and tapas after that. Saturday was relaxing together too...a bit of chores and a lot of rest. So nice.

This week is continuing with organising my life...working on my room downstairs to get all the stuff from the renos out of there and either stored organised-like in boxes or back in the rooms they came from. It's hard to go through and purge things, but in the end it is good. A lot of stuff I've found I can't even figure out why we kept in the first place, so it's good to declutter a bit. Then I can be back in my room make glass and sew and al the fun stuff I love to do to relax. We have company coming the end of the month for a week or so, so I want the house in reasonable shape by then...AND our new stove (!!!) is arriving which is kicking off operation pimp my kitchen...which I'm totally stoked for. We've picked out the tiny glass tiles for behind the stove and larger subway style tiles for backsplash that my dad is going to help us put in. We will also need to cover in the top of the cupboards, as the stove vent fan will heave to vent out and that will cover it up. I am going to build some glass panels to go up there (all frank lloyd wright style) so it will look amazing...whenever it's actually done. We want to sand down and refinish the cupboard doors it'll take a while to do. There's no way I'm going to start that until after the company is gone...tearing the house apart before people come to visit is not a nice thing to do...I'm so excited though...the new gas/convection stove is coming this weekend! Meep!
Gotta go. Duty calls...

Music to run to: Brother's Gonna Work it out - Chemical Brothers


Scrumpy said...

You are a busy lady!

What color subway tiles did you get? I'm looking for ideas for our kitcken.

Geosomin said...

I gotwhite glass subway tiles for the main backsplash and blue and white 1 inch square tiles for behind the stove...I like them a lot. They really catch the light.

Miz said...


I planned to do 4 out of the four you nailed.

I did 3.

Ill letcha guess which 3 :)