We like to rock the party

This weekend was nice - I was supposed to go in and work saturday, but it was cancelled at the last minute, so I had a fun day wandering about with a friend, and then relaxing with my husband.
Yesterday we put on a surprise come and go tea for J's parents 30th anniversary. I was up early baking and making stuff for the party and gathering together last minute things like video projector and decorations. It went well - they had NO idea. All their friends came, and there was lots of snacks and coffee and visiting. We even had a few nice decorations and a slide show. Once they got over the initial shock (apparently J's mom hates surprises...ooops) they had a nice evening visiting. It was a nice cozy party - it's nice to do things for them, as they're always doing things for us...
We didn't get home from cleaning up the hall until after 11 and then had to put stuff away so it was a late late late night. With all the busy busy hurry hurry I didn't actually eat supper yesterday. Didn't notice either...I'm sure I nibbled enough as I set up things to make up for it. There's tonnes of leftovers which we all divvied up...J and I are bringing them all to work today to share with our coworkers, as there's just too much for the 2 of us.
This morning I tried to get up, but just couldn't. Instead I snarfed some cornflakes and rode my bike to work and will eat well today. Tomorrow will be a cardio day. We had house guests last night from the tea so I couldn't work out in the living room like I usually do, as someone was sleeping on the fold out couch...and the weather out is cold and crappy. I suppose I really should've gone out for a walk/run instead, but I was lazy...that will just have to do for the day.

Have a great day!

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Scrumpy said...

What a lovely party!