Running with my own personal drunken cheering squad

Ah yes...I got everything done yesterday on time and had a great popcorn supper at the movies. :) We ended up seeing Drag Me to Hell. If you like cheesy horror movies that don't quite take themselves seriously (like Army of Darkness) then go and see it - spooky and funny. Worth the 4$ at the cheap theater for sure!

This morning I was diligent and got up and went for a run. I've bumped up to 3.5 minutes run + 3.5 minutes walking 6 times. It was high school prom/last day of school yesterday and I ran by a group of kids still celebrating this morning down by the weir. They cheered me on as I ran by...made me smile.

Music to Run by drunken people to:
Bassnectar-Underground Communication
Prodigy - Invaders Must Die

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