Jump up jump around

Well I didn't run this morning. Why? Well I was in at work by 6:25. Yeah rediculous I know. I rode my bike here at least, but I'm not getting the fitness I'd like out of the day. Tommorrow for sure.
Right now I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off getting 2 days work in one to fix someone elses emergency which has somehow become my own.
Oh well, after work and then a meeting is done *then* I get to go out to a movie with friends...I think it's a cheesy one. Should be a fun time - I may even end up having (shh...don't tell anyone) popcorn for supper, as I don't think there will be time to eat before the film...
Mmmm...popcorn supper...what could be wrong about that? :P

Have a good day all :)

Music to slave away in the lab to:
Coldplay-Viva La Vida
Stars -Heart
Steve Burns - Songs for Dust Mites

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Scrumpy said...

Oh man, I hate few things more than co-workers who make their lack of planning my emergency!