135 BPM and I feel fine

Nothing like some good psytrance music to get you moving in the morning.
This morning I got up and did 45 minutes hardcore on the elliptical (15% incline, resistance 2). I put on a favourite psytrance album from '96 and for some reason I was feeling the music and so I just zoned out to it and went all out and enjoyed the feeling of moving and breathing and...man, it was great! Sometimes the music just takes me over and I could go forever...one of those days :)
I had a nice stretch out, some breakfast and now I'm off to work on my day off...ah it's not so bad. I'll be done early and I can just take off when the experiment is done...we're going to a play tonight, so I'm quite excited a what the weekend will bring. I've got stuff to do in the yard and have to start at Operation Paint My House Trim...so yeah. Lots on my plate, but so far so good!
Off to sip a coffee and then back to work. Have a great day!

Music to zone out to: Hallucinogen - Lone Deranger


Scrumpy said...

Oh how I love those rare days when time on the elliptical just flies by!

Crabby McSlacker said...

That sounds awesome! Alas, I don't use as much incline (due to my knees) so I need higher bpm music-- which is darn hard to find! But sounds like you found just the right music for a blissful workout. Love when that happens!