The Fog...starring Geo

This morning was a marked improvement over yesterday. I was woken up by two insistant critters who wanted their food (don't ask me why they won't let J feed them...) so I was up on time and out for a run by 5:30- 3 min run + 4 min walk 6 times...with an extra minute run on the end, just cause it felt good.
This morning was beautiful - days like this remind me what I'd be missing if I just rolled over and went back to bed and slept through the workout. It was about 0 degrees, but the sky was crisp and there was a fog filling the valley - you couldn't see more than 20 feet ahead of you and the other side of the river was enveloped in mist...kind of like a spooky movie. As the sun peeked over the hill and started to warm things up the mist slowly sunk downwards and by the time I turned back home at the halfway point it was thin layers of tentrilly fingers on the river's surface, just thin enough to see the geese and pelicans through it. As I headed up back to the house in the final stretch, the mist was almost gone and the river was sparkling and shining in the sunshine. An hour later when I hopped on my bike to head to work the mist was gone - clear blue sunny sky, with sparkling dew on everything.
This morning I had a great stretch out and breakfast but I'm honestly excited about my lunch. I have a "brown bag training session" today (business talk for "hey come work over your lunch hour and bring your own lunch too - we're not made of money ya know") so I figured I'd make the best salad ever...spinach and tonnes of veggies with some cheese, sunflower seeds and a can of drained tuna. I got this great little salad container a while back that holds about 1L and has a little bulb in the lid that holds about 2 oz of salad dressing so you can add it right before you's full of low fat greek dressing right now. Yum. Perfect for a big salad. The critters and I snuck a bit of tuna as I put it yummy.

Well, I should be off to the lab - lots to do :) Have a fantastic day!

LATER - seriously-the best lunch ever. A lot of people at the meeting who were "too busy" to bring their lunches kept up eyeing up mine. I just smiled and munched good that I'll be doing this at least once a week for lunch I think.

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