Safety meetings can be fun

Yesterday was such along day. There was a "safety meeting" after work (code for we're all getting together for a beer after - then it's in our schedules as a real meeting, which noone can book stuff with us's brilliant), and then grocery shopping and then home for a rediculously late store thin crust pizza. Not great I know, but by then we could have eaten anything we were so hungry. It was 9 before we sat down for food! I'm glad I had a few beer and a few pub fries to hold me over or I may have just started nibbling on produce in the grocery store. Shopping for food is marginally more fun when you have a slight beer buzz...overall an odd experience really. I had a list though so I stuck to it and didn't buy rediculous things. :)

This morning I got up and did my exercise ball DVD workout and then ran for the bus to work as I was running around the house doing little things and lost track of time. I'm meeting my brother after work for supper, so I don't need my bike, and since I have a meeting today where I actually have to look nice and not all scruffy and sweaty I figured walking was out, as there is no shower here at work and I would've had to leg it to get here on time. I had some mini wheats for breakfast in the hopes of keeping the gremlins in my belly at bay stomach grumbled all yesterday morning. Loudly. Made for embarrassing meetings...

I was encouraged though - I stepped on the scale this AM and I'm nearly back down 4 lbs since the holidays. Only 1 more to be back at pre-holiday weight. I still have a bit of jiggle belly, but I'm getting there. The muscle tone is coming back and I feel much better about that. A few more weeks and I think I'll be happy at where I'm at.

I went bathing suit shopping over the weekend. Oh lordy. You'd think all women had no ass, the way most suits are cut now. I have no issues with the tops of 2 fact I like to wear them with shorts and jeans, but the bottoms are always a challenge to find that fit bottom. My fave suit is dying - the clip that holds the back together broke...I may have to try and fix it if I can't find a replacement. From the choices I've seen so far, I'm not holding my breath. :)

Anyways...should be off. Lots to do...
Music to run to catch the bus to: Dandy Warhols - Earth to the Dandy Warhols

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