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No exercise today, as after work yesterday it was bike home and spend the next 6 hours organizing and decluttering and cleaning our house. Company is coming...AND we're hosting a big shindig on the weekend, so the house/bathroom/kitchen have to be *that* kind of clean...and we haven't really been home for days. Plus we got a lot of boxes and organising things when we were at IKEA over the weekend and are going hardcore to actually organise our lives. Scary I know...but it feels good. AND because my lovely J is doing the organising part it will actually be organised AND will stay that way as HE will know where everything goes.
We haven't done a lot of the headache inducing organizing yet - the computer area was moved and so all the stuff there has to be organised and moved to new locations, and J has to set up his studio down there...then there's MY room still rather full of clutter. J has promised to do a rush organising of the basement today, and then once company is gone we can actually get nitty gritty with all the shelves and books and such. It's contagious...
BUT we're doing it one area at a time and doing it thoroughly - and not skimping, not just tucking something away somewhere for later - this is hard core organizing of the likes of which we have never seen before.
I have a kitchen table - and my kitchen is GREAT now. The bathroom and bedrooms are good to go and the living room looks very spiffy (it needs a few pictures on the walls, but hey, it's organised :) ). It may take us all summer but by god we may someday soon have a house like normal people and be able to find things when we need them.
I rode my bike to work this morning in an attempt to skoosh in some exercise and I will run tomorrow...but by the time I went to bed I was so stiff and tired I just set my clock ahead. I needed it. As it is a squeaked into work just on time...

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Scrumpy said...

Nothing makes me feel better than a well-organized home. I just can't be calm when things are out of place. You are going to enjoy it so much.