Shake shake shake that belly!

I had fun this weekend.
It was the annual Boogie Run - the original mini marathon that got me running a few years ago. The boogie run is a city wide fitness initiative - to try and get more people active - to just get moving. There are learn to run clinics all spring and you can walk or run 2K, 5K or 10K at the event. It's a lot of fun and I enjoyed it each year I have been involved-you even get breakfast and a tshirt. I've been at the running again this year, and could have done it this year - but I was humming and hawing about registering as I wasn't sure if we'd be here this year and it is $40, which I could use for something else and jsut go for a run on my own...we ended up being here this weekend after all, but it turns out my Bellydance troupe volunteered to dance at the 7Km point (for the 10K, 3K point for 5 K race) to cheer people on. They have groups every Km or so to cheer the runners/walkers on - it's a lot of fun and really keeps you going on the route.
So, this year Iinstead of running I went and danced with the girls. We were dressed up in full costume and had a stereo with tunes blasting and danced and cheered for 2 hours in the grass. It was great encouraging people - especially those near the end of the 10K run - they needed a boost and seeing them smile or crack up was a great feeling. Some of them started waving their arms and hips around as they ran by-so much fun! One old guy (looked about 75) who was walking ran up and spread his arms and exclaimed "to hell with the run - I'm staying here with you gals!" and danced with us for a second before he walked off grinning. We had lots of fun - we brought champagne and pomegranate juice and muffins. It was a gorgeous day...other than some sore feet and legs (2 hours is a long time to dance barefoot!) it went well! Seeing so many people of so many shapes and sizes out being active on a gorgeous day is so encouraging. I hope it was the start of fitness for some people this year!

It encouraged me to get more done about the house when I got home and then J and I went for a long walk in the sun to get a Booster Juice - almost got sunburned it was such a nice day out.
Good weekend over all I must say.
Totally off topic - I did feel a bit like a gatorade ad on sunday - I got my hair dyed on friday and the overdye of the highlights is still fresh enough to run - on sunday when I worked up a sweat dancing was sweating purple on the back of my neck...pretty wierd...

This morning I was pretty stiff so I didn't run but I did do my exerball DVD and have a good breakfast so I'm feeling rather spiffy. I have to stay late tonight at work (boo) to do work I was supposed to do saturday but couldn't (too long annoying of a story to get into here) but in the end I can bike home and relax.

Have great day all - I should get to it!

Music to jiggle to: "Shake that Belly”, from Boom Shinga Ling- Oojami

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