Thursday Thursday...sometimes it just turns out that way

This morning I slept in and it was lovely. I had an extremely long day yesterday - up at 5:30 and not in bed for any real sort of slowing down until nearly midnight. I was going to get up and workout this AM, but I slept instead, as I have a very complicated experiment to do today, and need to be in top form. I woke up at 5:30 and nearly tripped going to the bathroom and then had an asthma flare up, so I thought....sleep would be a good thing and went back to be for an hour. And I was right - feel great! I rode my bike to work, so I feel as though I'm doing a bit...
Yesterday was a day of healthy food and much accomplishments. Good.

Today I'm going out with J for supper and to see Up in 3D, which will be great...I'm looking forward to it. Then omorrow is up and running again. :)

Have a great evening everyone!

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Miz said...

How was the movie?
we're finally seeing it tomorrow! (last weekend? the hangover :) it was hilarious)