Fishing in the Rivers of Life - HEY!

This morning I was exhausted after my 15 hour work day (phew-longest day ever) so I slept in, but I did speed walk to work - a nice brisk 40 minute walk. It's already warm and only 8 AM, so I can only imagine how hot it will be today. Yesterday got up to 31 with some rain in the middle...I was actually glad to be in the lab - air conditioning :)

Last night at about 11:30 as I biked home from work I saw fireflies for the first time. They were all over the place - they were like little embers scattered over the fields by the river. Having never seen them before it was really special - J biked to work to meet me and as we biked home together we stopped a few times just to gape at them - J says he's never seen so many at one time before.
Just one more thing I'd never have seen if I wasn't out living life :)

Have a great day!

and yes that's Tammy Wynette in the Stand by the Jams video...AWESOME :)

Music to walk to work to: KLF - White Room


Crabby McSlacker said...

Love the serendipitous firefly moment!

And omg, Tammy is awesome! I'm afraid I didn't know she was even still alive--and she sounds great! What an amazing collaboration.

Scrumpy said...

I'm wondering if fireflies are the same as lightning bugs? That's what we call 'em down here. And they are magical, aren't they?

Geosomin said...

Sadly Tammy passed away in '98 - this is a song from back in the mid 80' old favourite of mine...the KLF idolised her and were thrilled when she agreed to do a single with them :)