Bus annoyances

I am beginning to think the world has issues with me working out in the mornings.
This morning I got up early to catch the bus to campus and use the gym here. I somehow missed my bus by mere seconds and then sat waiting in the shelter for the next bus...which with the new bus schedule came in 30 minutes, which effectively ate up my workout time. I know that had I been early for the bus, it would have been late. It's just the way the bus goes...I will miss my bike when the snow comes. Only having to bus it when it's raining is nice. Schedules can be rather erratic.
I'm just trying to get the logistics of the gym figured out for the future...perhaps I can go there saturday after my MSc work. We'll see.

I'm beginning to think working out at home makes more sense...I really do want to swim twice a week, but the key ingredient in that would be actually making it to the pool :)

I'll keep trying.

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