Step one: Obtain underpants

This morning I got up and tried on some of my new workout gear. There was a lululemon sale so I have a new top, bra, headband and shorts (on sale they are the same price as normal stuff!). Man their stuff fits so well and breathes so well. Pity it's so pricey. The shorts are nice with a built in shortyshort bit so I don't flash my butt when I stretch. I get the impression they're made for yoga though because they're super comfy for stretching and weights, but by the end of my 30 minutes speed walking on an incline in on the treadmill they were riding up all over like granny undies...annoying. If I could return them I would but they've been sweated in, so I suppose I'll just live with a slight undie line when they do that and make it an inspiration to firm up things in my netherregion more so they don't!

It's hard to just speedwalk, but I did it. I didn't feel right hopping on a bike...I'm just freaked I'll get "the pain" back again. I did a bunch of upper body weight stuff and then did the 2 weight machines for my butt and upper legs that I've been told will help. My knee got a bit twingy at the end, and I can tell it was being pushed a bit but I know I have to find the balance between building up the strength I need and hurting it so that it will be stronger. I've been promised that after a month I should see improvement if I'm nice, but consistent...higher reps at low weight to build up some strength so my legs are more balanced. I sure hope so...

I must be off. Lots to do. :)

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Charlotte said...

So. Jealous. of your lulu duds!! I can never time their sales right to get my size:( I bet you look adorbs!