Full on Cardio :)

The weekend was busy but still relaxing. I got some work done on my MSc and still got to go out to a show with J. Sunday was extra nice - slept in and then J walked with me the 3K to work and hung out in the sunshine while I did my cell culture stuff and then we walked home again together. The weather was gorgeous all weekend - a pleasant change from all the rain all summer. I got done all the little things I felt I needed to do to keep up on life at home and even got to crawl around on the roof trying to fix a small leaks around the flashing by our roof vents. We can't fix them until spring, so I'm hoping massive amounts of caulking in obvious gaps will help :) It was so nice and toasty up there I wanted to just lie back and relax in the sun a bit, but I figured me + roof = dangerwillrobinsondanger, so I did what I had to up there and came back down.

This morning I got up and headed into the gym...now that it's routine it's not even an issue. Funny how easy 5:30 can be once you put your mind to it. Seeing as the bikes were filled up by the university football team I tried a new machine this morning...sort of like a hybrid stairclimber elliptical thing. It was really cool...more cardio (which I LOVE). At the recommendation of the doc I kept the resistance low and picked a hilly program, put on some fast trance music that I love and let her rip for 30 minutes. Whew! Felt good, and my knee didn't complain. It was fun and different. Then some arm weights and the leg work for knee strengthening and some situps and stretching. Watch robot says I burned 350 calories total. Nice way to start the day.

There was a girl there who I was in awe of this morning. She must have had about 15 different situp variations and her watch was set to 1 minute...she would do the one thing until her watch beeped and on to the next. I was in awe of what her core body could so. Amazing. Someday I'll get up to that. I think I'll try 1 or 2 of her crazy new situps and see what happens.
Have a great morning all! I'm off into the crazy vortex of life!

Serious full on cardio music : Lone Deranger: Hallucinogen

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Sagan said...

"Funny how easy 5:30 can be once you put your mind to it." So true! I'm so used to waking up just past 5am for my HITT classes that on days when I don't have HITT, it feels like a TOTAL luxury to sleep in until 6am :D

I want to be the core workout girl, hehe. Sounds like you had a really awesome workout too!