Heh...got a workout in today...got up early to make J breakfast (it's his birthday and I won't see him much at all today. Yeah it's like that...:) )....then I left for the bus 3 times and walked partly there only to have to return for something... 3 times. Yeah. So I ended up having to bike madly instead to get to work on time because I missed my bus...into the wind...
I drank my fruit smoothie that was supposed to be my relaxing breakfast for the bus when I got to work.
What a busy day and it hasn't even started :)

Seems like yesterday has continued on unobstructed. Last night I was at work until (blech) 9:30, but on my way home from the bus I had a brain wave and stopped at the grocery store and bought a small preroasted chicken and a few salads. Yum...so for $10 I had a healthy yummy supper when I finally got home. I was starving (I had a banana and some trail mix at work, but those only go so far...) and I knew I'd just eat a lot of whatever easy to make crap I saw first if I didn't find something to eat that was good for me...and this was perfect. Already made :)
And - even better - I've got more leftover "instant" chicken for lunch today as part of a chef's salad and used the rest to make my birthday boy a chicken salad wrap for his lunch too. Yum.

Instant chickens...I love you.
But not quite as much as J...happy birthday JJ :)

music to bike frantically to work to: Futureheads: The Futureheads


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