So. Tired.

Last night, thanks to the wonders of the newly revamped bus system and missing/losing buses(and their hidden unlabelled new moved bus stops) I didn't get home until 9. Bleh. I made a healthy supper of fish rice and veg, but after I ate I just did some chores and fell into bed at 11.
This morning I was still exhausted when the alarm went off. I was just going to sleep for an extra hour, because it was raining and I had a bit of a headache and had curled up under the duvet when my cat hopped up on my bed, mewed and licked my nose and then bonked my chin as if to say "Hey - time to get up! Come on you know it's good for you" and... I did. I was up and out to the bus to swim my 25 minutes and then get here to work.
Swimming was HARD today...I'm guessing because I'm just so tired. My butt seemed to sink a lot when I swam. I hopped in the pool and used my heart rate monitor today and altho it survived the water no problem it didn't transmit much of anything -in 26 minutes I apparently burned 4 calories with an average heart rate of 0. Heh...I guess it won't be of to omuch use to me there. Oh well...I double checked before and after that it worked, so there's nothing wrong with it. I guess it's just too cheap a model to work well under water. No biggie...
I hope i can survive work and clsses today and get home for a nap...

Sleep. That's where I'm a viking.


Sagan said…
Waking up early can definitely take a toll on the body! I had to nap on the weekend from waking up at 5am for HITT classes. Love the early exercise, but sometimes my body needs to crash in the middle of the day :)
azusmom said…
Waking up early AND exercising every day can really knock you out, especially in the beginning. And the rain doesn't help, lol! Luckily you have your own personal feline coach!

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