Holy cardio batman

Well. I have now experienced the strange hellish glee that is a spin class.
I made it to the gym this AM and thought I'd try out their 6:30 AM spin class....never went to one before. WOW....holy cardio. I was sweating like a damp glowy pig by the end of it all...what a solid workout! I am pleased that I managed to keep my asthma in check (just barely) and had a crazy good workout - according to my robot I was in my cardio zone for 42 out of the 45 minutes and burned 398 calories...I figured since I've been biking to work all summer it was the safest bet for starting out as far as a fitness class went, and it's theoretically good for my knee, so hey - why not? I'm up for new things. I'll have to remember my inhaler next time so I can push myself a little more. Unfortunately their bike seats aren't as comfy as mine...but I suppose I'll live :)

I'm a little miffed at how the centre runs the classes as they have sign up sheets that only come up 2 days before the class and they only have 10 spots, with 10 open as walk ins. Usually the sheets are full by the time I get to them, so I'll just have to try my best to be here on time to get in the class as a walk in...I find I push myself harder with someone telling me what to do. I forgot how much I like classes...:)

And now I'm having a banana, and some granola stirred in some yogurt and starting out my day. Not bad so far for a monday. I love that I got to see the sunrise over the river this morning on the bus...there were lots of clouds and the sky was red - Gorgeous. :)
This weekend I sort of indulged at a family supper last night (there was schnitzel people...I LOVE me some schnitzel) so it felt good to burn off some of that and just feel the gloriousness of movement and breathing and sweating...it's kind of like a moving meditation for me...when I get into a cardio zone I just...well I just feel *good*. :)
Tomorrow is free lane swim so I do believe I'll be checking out the pool. I'm very excited...unfortunately I don't think I can wear my Polar heart rate monitor chest strap in the pool (does anyone know if I could? I threw out the box so I"m not sure...), but I'll just have to guess at what I'm doing to myself...I haven't swum seriously in years so it may be more mad flailing, but hey...gotta start somewhere right?

And I learned something today - 1% milk (which I drink all the time...can't get down to skim..it's like water...blech) is essentially the same in calories and fat as buttermilk (like 8 calories and .2g of fat difference for a cup!). Awha? I had no idea. All this time I've avoided cooking with it even though it makes some things taste so much better because I thought it was super fattening. This opens a lot of ideas for cooking and baking...coolio...

Have a great day all :)


Charlotte said…
I think you can actually wear the chest strap in the pool. I wear mine and it's a Timex (normally crappier than Polar so I can't imagine it would be better in this respect.) Allison wears hers in the pool every time and hers is a polar! Enjoy!
azusmom said…
Spinning is AWESOME!!!!! It's so much fun (other than the bike seat issue). You can buy a padded gel cover and bring it with you, if you think you'll be Spinning regularly.)

And yay on the buttermilk!!!!!!

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