Still sane. Well as sane as I was :)

This AM I got up extra early (5:45) and continued my last night's stream of organising and getting my sh*t together. There is now a pantry full of healthy food. The house is sane...ish. The cats are tended. I figure if I make an effort to keep on top of life, maybe it won't combust...I've started classes and stayed late to make up time and my head did not in fact explode as I at first thought it might yesterday. My 2 classes look to be all practical stuff I'm sort of familiar with (HELLO directed graduate learning! I think I love you !).
I even made healthy lunches and had a solid breakfast...I was actually going to do my ball DVD this AM strangely but I got up in robot mode and went right into the shower on autopilot and at about shampoo rinse-off time I realised I'd sort of skipped that part...but fear not people! All is not lost. Because I'm still fitting exercise in. It and healthy eating are becoming a part of life...and I'll fit more in. It will happen :)
To keep up with life, last night I walked briskly home from work for about 40 minutes. I'm glad I did as I ran into an old friend I haven't seen in ages on the way home, and my answering machine message I left for J about it on the way home prompted him to walk out and meet me halfway home, so we got a nice brisk walk at dusk home together. I love walking along the river with's one of my favourite things. And this AM I biked to work to get a little exercise in...and tonight I'm gonna do my ball DVD when I get home from my brothers...or the elliptical. One or the other. It *will* happen...because it matters to me. My lungs are still beat up from being sick, but the more I do the better I'll get.

I am approaching the realisation that most days I will be able to keep it together. My old dear friend Cindi has a great blog, where she takes the time to post about things that matter to her and inspirations she's come to over time in her job or life...and one of her most recent posts really struck a chord with me - that when something is important to you and *really* matters, you make the time for it, even if it means giving up something else. It's all about priorities. What you choose to be important. Sure you can't have *everything*...but you can make time for the things that matter if they mean enough to you...

And I've decided I just need to keep my priorities straight because I'm pretty damn special- J, me...everything will have it's place. I made the harsh call that bellydance will have to be left out this semester even tho I love it, because there's no time to practice what I learn in my I'll use that hour instead to workout. And next semester when my 2 classes are up I'll reevaluate my time. Day by day.

We can do this. I know we all can. ;)

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Sagan said...

I'm so happy for you! It's really amazing what making healthy choices can do. My boyfriend and I like walking out to meet each other when one of us is coming home, too - walking is such an enjoyable activity.