Rest day

Yesterday I got up and went swimming. I finally got around to getting a set of noseplugs so it was nice to not drown as I swam! In my last lap my knee went *TWINGE* big time. So I got out and went on with my day. It was OK at first but towards the end of the day I kept getting random twinges in it, mostly when I sat for too long in the lab chairs, which are at odd heights.
I am tired of my knee being an issue. This morning I slept in a bit and just came in to work to get some stuff done early. I let the knee rest...and it still hints of stiffness but hasn't twinged yet. Here's hoping. I'm really really sick of this. It doesn't hurt, but I keep wondering what I'm doing to my knee...why it keeps doing this. Is it just me getting older or is it more? I no longer run. I swim. I bike. I do hamstring and quad strengthening. I've even started taking glucosamine supplements. I don't know what else I can do.

So tomorrow I am going to my doc and getting a referral to a physiotherapist so they can have a serious look at what is what and maybe offer me some more useful info. I'm not going to stop what I was told to do. What I was told to do by a regular sports doc at the clinic is not causing pain, but I am not normal either. I want to be sure I'm not damaging my knee...maybe it's supposed to do this as I strengthen it. Maybe this is how it is from now on...maybe I should be doing more. I have no idea. I just want an expert to tell me what to do, before I take the risk of making it worse. I have (knock on wood) many many years to go in life. I'll likely need my knee for most of that...:)

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azusmom said...

I hope all is well! Keeping a good thought.