Well whaddaya know

Well, I got up this morning and worked out again. I do believe I can do this. I DO need to do a little more planning with packing the night before so that I don't forget things when I'm running around and out the door to the bus (*cough* bra *cough*)...luckily I'm wearing a sweater...with a lab coat over top...yeah...slick I know...
Because I want my knee to be my friend I didn't go to the spin class today...instead I speedwalked 35 minutes on the treadmill at 7 KPH for 35 minutes...burned about 260 calories. Then some situps and some weights on my arms, back and the quad weigh work I've been told to do do strengthen my knees. I used the foam roller on my hamstrings too, as they're still really stiff. I have to say that overall I am surprisingly unstiff from swimming. I'm not *normal*, but it's just my shoulders and butt really...not as bad as I thought. I'm looking forward to going again tomorrow. I'm going to wear my heart rate monitor just once to satisfy my curiosity...even J asked if I'd worn it yesterday...he said he's noticed I've been more upbeat lately. I have been. :)

I haven't weighed myself in a while so out of morbid curiosity I stepped on the scale this morning to sort of get a baseline of where I'm at and wouldn't you know it - I weigh 130.
That, my friends, is indeed the lowest I have been in a long long LONG time (like oh, say grade 9). It explains why I've felt good and fit lately and felt like my new clothes have fit well, even a bit loosely. It's good to know I can maintain my healthy weight. I've watched weight creep up on my coworkers and they just resign to it...and I am NOT going to let that happen to me. I refuse to go up more than 5 lbs without taking action. I feel very proud that I have managed to do that for a few years now - to just be healthy and still *live*...Maybe I will get down to that 125 I've always thought about wistfully. Don't get me wrong-I'm OK with myself now... I'm healthy. I just know there are ~ 5-10 pounds to go if I want to be all uberbuffed, and I honestly just haven't been quite willing to put in the extra oomph to get there. I've had a ticker to track what "happens" to happen, but I've just been glad to be healthy (doesn't stop me from thinking about every once in a while tho). I had honestly expected the number to be up a bit because I've eaten poorly lately and it's *that* time...but hey...sometimes it pays to look after yourself. This has made me think again...I just don't want to get all focused on weight and numbers...because they're not the point.
Maintaining health is so much trickier than losing weight. I don't want to go all crazy hard core...I just want to be fit. And I'm doing that.
Yipadee :)

Have a great day everyone.

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Charlotte said...

Yayayay! Congrats on your weight loss! And you are so right about maintenance being a bear - but you can do it! You're amazing!!