Cha cha changes

Lately I've been noticing my taste buds are...maturing. I now really like a ripe firm tomato. I can tolerate raisins in some things now, altho they're still mostly too sweet for my taste. More of a cereal or trail mix sort of liking now. Mustard is OK sometimes...and strangely (used to be a salt fiend) salt is sooooo last year. And black olives? I like them now. I don't care for sweet pickles much anymore (except still in grilled cheeses sandwiches made with Cheez Whiz, but I don't much like Cheez Whiz anymore so it's kind of a moot point) and now love a good crisp dill pickle (didn't care for them that much before). I even dig some red wines (mostly Riojas) now...

I don't know if I'm using up some taste buds or just eating differently has woken up some new ones, but man - it's strange. The biggest thing for me is *liking* tomatoes. Actually choosing to eat them and not just in a sandwich or a long as they aren't soft and mealy they are deeeeelicious. It's encouraging me to try more things...and try them a few times to see if I do like them. Sometimes different isn't's just a new flavour.

Still don't like cilantro tho.
Soap city....


Charlotte said…
Hahahah! Well you know they say the cilantro aversion is a genetic thing. Not sure you can grow out of that one:) Glad you like tomatoes though! I too have learned to like new foods as I've gotten older. Mmm... stinky cheese!
Scrumpy said…
I love just about everything, but I simply CANNOT STAND cilantro. It made me feel better to know that Ina Garten doesn't like it either. Seems like there is still such a cilantro trend in food right now. Drives me nuts!

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