and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Well, I'm back again. I left here at 9:30 and am back again at 7AM for another long day. Sheesh.

My knee is still stiff from that stupid spin bike, so it's getting one more day of relaxing before I give it a go at swimming tomorrow. That should give me a bit of a guage to see if I need to lay off again until monday or if I can try some cycling on friday. We shall see.

I am encouraged. Once again I stepped on the scale. Not being at the gym I was actually home for a long hot leisurely shower and was curious. I tried to ignore it but I ended up stepping on the scale - and wouldn't you know it? 128.5. Lowest...well ever, in my adult life.

Apparently when you are insanely busy and only stopping for meals to cram food in your mouth and keep going it's easier to lose weight. As a nibbler I usually snack away at calories. Having healthy meals packed has basically taken that out of the equation lately - I've not have any time for nibbles. Just focusing on eating healthy and no crap. Guess that works :)
source which I totally do NOT's stupid and crazy to fast like that. The toon just made me laugh and I just finished a lecture on plagiarism so I feel like I have to reference everything!

I'm encouraged that in all the insanity of things I'm doing (it's gonna be another 14 hour day today) I am NOT overeating to fend off stress. If anything it's a challenge to make sure I eat enough and drink 8 glasses of liquid a day - which I'm making sure I do.
Time for another day! Have a good one everyone :)


Charlotte said...

Your little caveat about the source of your pic cracked me up something fierce! LOVE it.

azusmom said...

Do you have a hot tub and/or sauna at your gym? That might help with the knee pain. And, oh darn, you might just have to carve out a WEE bit of time at the end of your workout to go sit in either (or both). It's for your health, after all!
(I usually use the hot tub as a reward for swimming laps. But when I threw my back out, wouldn'tcha know it, I just had to go straight to the hot tub! Poor me!)

Geosomin said...

A hot tub would be great. There isn't one at the university pool but I'm now thinking I might hit up the community pool a ways from our house as they do have a sauna and hot's usually my reward for raking the yard! :)