a delicious, but long day

This morning I had to come in to work early and finish up a statistics assignment on multiple regression and get some work done before work and classes started, so sadly, no swimming. I could have taken the risk to fit it in but quite honestly? I'm exhausted.
Last night (after another 12 hour day...) we went out for a late supper with some family who are in town visiting. It was great to see them - I truly enjoy their presence. We went out to a local very "foody" restaurant. Pricey but delicious. Truly delicious...the kind of place where the food is art and you groan with delight at every bit. They refused to let us pay which was a bonus (as it's a rather high end place). I have to say - the beauty of good quality, locally sourced food in normal portions of healthy food was a pleasant change. Even my dessert was lush, but small (a small pot of pumpkin custard with 2 tiny gingerbread cookies...heaven). I had a full meal and felt satisfied but not overfull and after a glass of wine and good conversation I was quite tired and happy.
We got back too late to finish up my stats homework...I was off to bed. I'm worried I'm getting to be a terrible partner - I hope J and I can have some time together on the weekend. My knee is a bit stiff but I think it should be OK for me to go tomorrow to the gym. So...I will do that and hopefully enjoy myself thoroughly. Today will be another long LOOOONG day...

Cheers all.

Music to do statistics to: Bjork - Debut (I just love Venus as a Boy)

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azusmom said...

I truly believe that taking care of yourself means taking time away from the gym now and again to be with the people you love, and to have the good food/wine/conversation.
The gym will still be there tomorrow!