The horror. The horror.

When I was out today on the walking part of my Endurance day of the Core Performance workout, I did that thing again of stepping up on the park bench to get my heart rate up. I only did 10 on each side and then kept walking, as my legs are pretty fatigued...and as I was walking my knee did that "thing" again.

Just no.

I walked at a lighter pace and it went away, and I walked to work and it didn't come back but now I'm terrified. I am not ready mentally to have to stop exercising AGAIN for my knee. I chose this program to strengthen it. I know perhaps I am doing too much...but don't you have to push yourself? I'm just following the program. I'm not even progressing at the speed you're supposed to for the workouts, I'm just moving up levels once my muscles sort of get used to the current level instead of a step up every week. I do not want to stop exercising for my knee to heal. For the 6th time. I've accepted the fact that I might not be able to run anymore...but why can't I do this? Am I just trying to do too much?
I am hoping it won't come back. I want to ride my bike to work once it gets tuned up. I want to keep working out. I can see the difference in my body now.

I know I'll be very paranoid about it. I'll be doing some extra stretches and things.
They don't make robot knees yet, so I'll have to be careful.

Here's crossing my fingers. And toes.

Stupid knee.

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Charlotte said...

owowowow! Noooo! I hope your knee is okay and the twinge was just a warning shot fired over the prow.