My baby's back!

Yesterday I ditched belly dance, because it tends to aggravate my knee. I want it to rest up and be my friend again. I'm making a conscious effort to not mope about it. It just is what it is.

On the plus side though, last night I went to pick up my bike from the shop - my bike is back! YES!!!!

I love my bike - a girly bar style Trek 3500, with 18 gears, fenders and comfy seat...She had a flat tire and needed a tune up after a winter of rest and use, so on the weekend I cleaned her off and took her in to Doug at Doug's Spoke and Sport (great my bike there too). He took my girl in and shined her up, tightened and oiled the chain, checked all the bolts and screws, adjusted the brakes and fixed my flat back tire. We took her home last night after work and she's all ready to go. And Doug, being a sweetheart that he is, wouldn't let me pay him for the tune up. What a guy :)
It rained to day, so I left her at home, but I'm hoping (knock on wood) that since my knee feels better today, by monday I'll be able to bike again. I do so love the walking to work in the mornings, but at the end of the day, the last thing I want is a 35 minute walk in the hot hot heat (or rain). On my bike I can zip home in about 15 minutes...and, even better, there will be no more bus delays. You have no idea how grateful I am for that. J has been sweet in picking me up when he can after work after I do my MSc work after along day's regular work, but a lot of days (with the crappy summer bus schedule) it can take me up to one and a half hours to get home...which after a 12-13 hour day is not what I'm up for. I bring a book and my iPod, but having my bike back will be so very very sweet.
This weekend I have lots to do in the lab, but things are working so far and working well. It's supposed to be rainy and miserable all weekend so I won't be missing too much. AND it's my Mum-in-laws birthday on sunday so we're going to get together and make *her* supper for once. She wants turkey. Heh...I've only made one, so I hope it'll be edible! Ah well...there will be mashed potatoes, and gravy drowns all mistakes doesn't it? :)

Have a good weekend all...


azusmom said...

Gravy is DEFINITELY a cure-all, lol! SO glad you have your bike back.

Sagan said...

Hurray for getting the bike back! I would miss Harriette (my bicycle) so much if she had to go into the shop :D

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!