Saturdays used to be a day off...

Because I am so awesome, even though it is a saturday I got up at 5:30, did the endurance part of my Core Performance with outdoor walking for the H.I.T. part of it, showered and was in to work with a healthy breakfast by 8AM. I have a long long long long day in the lab today, but I'm ready for it.
This morning I was reminded yet again what I'd miss if I wasn't getting fit. Not only would I have less energy, but this morning I watched the sunrise over the river, counted 8 geese grazing on the misty grass and chased a gopher or two on the path. So nice...

Yesterday I got a haircut and colour, made a delicious supper (almond chicken and spaghetti squash...) and and just relaxed with J. We were going to rent a movie, but J tucked me in early - sweet man could see how worn out I was. I got lots of sleep and feel great today :). Poor J has to go to a wedding by himself today because I'm in at the lab for my MSc, but it wasn't worth the lost work time on my project to spend all day at a distant cousins second wedding...I've offered her best wishes and she's fine with me not being there. J's only doing the ceremony part anyways, so it won't be too lonely for him I hope...I plan on being home by suppertime. It's been a busy busy week. Whew.

Tonight is Doctor Who and (oh boy oh boy) tomorrow I have no work at all to do.
At all.
This is monumental.
After a week of 12 hour days and craziness, I cannot wait! :)

Music to walk by geese to:
Freestylers: Pressure Point


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