Confucious say man who puts nose to grindstone wears out nose...

In on my day off. Woo. I should get to things and stop procrastinating. Yesterday was a LONG day...12+ hours at work, starting an hour the time I got home at 8 I was exhausted...but still happy. GO figure :).
My lovely J took me out for Burmese food and after some coconut rice and curried veg with a beer I felt fabulous.
Today it's back at the lab, but I get a haircut and colour late this afternoon...can't wait. I haven't had my haircut since before the's way past time. I just haven't been able to fit it in. And my hair needs a new's boring my dahlings. Simply will not do...
Yesterday was the day off to do something day of the Core performance...and I took nearly 13 hours on my feet as my workout du jour.
This AM despite my bodies cries for more sleep I was up at 5:30 and did the Strength workout of the Core performance workout again...felt good. I seem to have a bit more balance...maybe I"ll get less stiff this time. I can hope right? :)
Today is work hard and then a whole evening off with J. Lovely. I have to work (boo) tomorrow again, but it allows me to get out of a wedding I didn't really want to go to. Poor J has to go alone...but I'll be stuck in the lab so I figure it's a fair trade off.
Busy busy. Me me.
And is good.
Yes indeedy.
Happy weekend to all of you :)

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