Wednesday already?

Yesterday I got up and did my Core performance Endurance Workout including speed walking for the 25 minute cardio part. It's harder to get my heart rate up into the proper ranges...guess I'm doing something right. I don't want to run just yet as I'm scared of hurting my knee, but it looks like I'll have to do something more to get into the higher heart ranges they're asking for. I'm open to any ideas. I was thinking of buying a skip rope and trying that out outside. After that I walked to work. It was great. I had a training course all day so wasn't in the lab and I could wear shorts and sandals. So nice...

This morning I got up and did my Exercise ball DVD, as it's the do your own thing/recovery day on the Core Performance (I didn't have any stiffness (wohoo!) so I didn't do any of the muscle massage stuff and looked for something else). I didn't have time to walk to work this morning because I spent a bunch of time looking for stuff (grrr) but I made it to the bus and to work on time.
Thankfully it rained a bit to cut the heat. It's gone from cold to very warm in the span of a week and I'm not used to it yet. Yesterday was 30 C. Nice and sunny, but the heat just sucks all the energy out of me when I'm not used to it. I didn't do much when I got home...I'm hoping I adjust to the heat soon.

Hope you all have a good day...


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