Good jorb

This morning I was up at 5:30 and I did my Core Performance strength workout day 1...starter level. I did it all and wow, is my sense of balance totally whacked! It will take a while to get the muscle control to not teeter all over the place for some of the things. I *did* do it all though, with careful attention to form (when I wasn't tipping over!) a good breakfast of oatmeal and blueberries before I set out into the rainy/snowy crappy weather that we've been having all week here. My cat helped by crawling all over me and occasionally howling.
Oh the howling...It's been learn not to howl or you get very wet week at the house of Geo...poor guy. He's suddenly, after 14 years of quiet, found his opera voice. I don't know if it's spring or what, but I'm trying to dissuade him. I hope his little brain gets it...he was rather damp when I left this morning from the spray bottle! I think he's attention starved with me being away so much.

Other than the guilt of soggy cat, I'm proud of myself for doing my workout. It felt so good...

One day at a time and we'll get there.
I'm looking at this as a daily thing.
Oh yes! :)

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