back from a busy busy week

Heh...oops. Sorry for the lack of postage.
Last week was a gong show. My busiest yet. 14 hour days and a concert and a shift working at the synchrotron and bellydance class and working on saturday and going to a musical...but finally sunday off with my love, a BBQ of some yummy marinated pork tenderloin and some salad, an ice cold Harp and all is better. I haven't been eating poorly, but I haven't eaten great either. I've tried to rationalize snacks....this stops as of today. I know how my brain is a comfort and I can't start using it to feel better when I'm all stressed out and busy. That road leads to Pietown.
I had a run in with mediocre food this weekend and it angered me. We were given a sudden windfall of a bit of money, and so J and I thought we'd go out for supper on friday to an Indian place we've always wanted to go to. Well...they were pricey (a $20 buffet...Sheesh) and the food was...well the most mediocre food I've had in a long time. It wasn't bad. Just...bland. Boring. We left feeling full and blechy (because due to screwy logic we comehow felt we had to eat our $20 worth even though it wasn't great) and spent the evening feeling uncomfortably full and wondering why so many restaurants are so mediocre. I'm a foodie, I admit it. When I go out I want to have food at least as good as I can make at home. It doesn't have to be super fancy or special...just tasty. Not something watered down to appeal the the largest number of people. I want food that someone obviously put some care into it...I am willing to pay for it. And I am not going back to the India Palace again. It was particularly disappointing as my favourite Burmese restaurant the Golden Pagoda is much less expensive and has a huge menu of delicious food that I rave over every time we go. We try and go to new places here and there just to see if we can catch a good place...guess they can't always be good. I love Indian food and was hoping we finally had a good Indian place in town. Pity.

So, to combat too much boring indian food and a week of far too little exercise this morning I got up and did my Core Performance strength workout and then made a fruit smoothie and walked to work briskly. It was a nice 35 minute walk, counting geese and pelicans and gophers and sipping smoothie. I was running behind ans was going to skip breakfast (I know I know) but I had a flash idea on my way out the door and took a minute to blend up a smoothie...peaches and mangoes and yogurt. Much better. Now that it's finally gotten warm all of a sudden I can start walking and biking to work. Extra exercise...and a great way to start the day.

Today for lunch I have some more of the delicious corn, bean salad we had with supper last night. Mmmm. I just have to keep doing what I can when I can and keep my sanity.
The rest will fall into place...

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Lucas said...

Love that you can walk to work. Bonus. Mediocre food is a drag but hooray for all the yummy stuff you made at home! :)