ow my butt

Day 2 of back at the core performance - endurance day. Various movements for muscle strengthening and then a bit of H.I.T. cardio. I'm following the program verbatim with careful attention to form and reps so I don't reinjure my knee. I'm not totally out of shape but I'm nowhere near where I was, so it's easier for me to not overdo it if I just follow the workouts exactly. It's so tempting to just do more...but I know I need to be patient.
Seeing as the weather is total sh*t right now (it's snowing people...in May...ridiculous) I went on the elliptical on lowest settings and focused on form so as not to injure my knee accidentally. It seems to have gone OK.
Something I learned today - there are many muscles in my butt. Currently they are all sore.
Also...on a more serious note, the heart rate monitor on my elliptical is off. According to my Polar heart rate monitor my HR was between 160 and 175 during my workout. I sweated...alternating 3 minutes of 60% max HR and 85% max HR. I put my hands on the elliptical HR monitor during varying parts of my workout and never went above 150 on it. Perhaps that explains why on the 22 minutes on the elliptical it says I burned 270 odd calories, and according to Polar only 206. Not a big deal, just strange the difference it can make. I sure like having a HR monitor. I used to think I was pushing myself...now I know I wasn't always. I can actually do H.I.T. training now with confidence.
Now if I could just sit down without making little squeaky noises I'd be onto something :)


Sagan said…
I never trust those machines- they can be off by so much!

I thought we had it bad here because it's been super rainy and miserable, but clearly we haven't been having it that bad at all... here's hoping the snow goes (and stays!) away :)

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