weak as water

OK. I admit it.
I was all primed to get up this AM and start my Core Performance again...but I wimped out.
I slept in 10 minutes and did a bunch of chores instead. Yesterday I ate something that didn't agree with me and I'd felt crappy most of the evening (and some of the night). Supergreasy cheap cheese at a family meal....blech. Never again. You could see cheesy grease pooled on the top of a dish in multiple places...and it was chicken parmesan...how greasy could it be I thought? Heh...well the chicken was tasty...but so much grease even with the cheese picked off of it that by the end of it I'd already started to feel foul. Yuk. Family dinners seem to be excuses for our family to use extra cheese and oil and stuff and be OK with it. Not for me, I should have left it. That stuff kills me now...bleh. Wonder how I ate that all the time before? Live and learn...I have to treat it like a food allergy I guess. It's lot worth the pain and...um...system flushing I get after. Yes. TMI. Sorry...

Still...Not a valid excuse to have at least *tried* to work out.
I wimped out.
I am quite angry at myself for this.

And so I pledge to you...enough of this BS. My cold is gone. My allergies are under control. There is no reason to delay any longer...I WILL get up tomorrow.
No excuses.

I will post daily.
I will keep my self accountable to me through you.

LATER...my tummy hurts. whine whine whine...

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Charlotte said...

I think listening to your body is a good thing. You'll get back into the workout routine, no worries! How are you liking Core Performance so far? I posted my review of it today (hint: not a fan!)