Busy weekend!

Yes this weekend was full of much smoochery, and we even got lots of chores done in between

We both got up early both days and got to a list of chores we've had for ages: we reinstalled a pane of glass in the bedroom window that I broke painting, I cleaned the windows, we painted a box for J's light kit that Dad built and primed and painted the bookshelf Dad & J built at the lake last weekend. I hemmed 3 pairs of J's pants, and I made a serious dent in setting my craft room up. I helped J install track lighting in the computer room and in our upstairs hallway and stairs. Sure only half of it works, but I haven't had a light in my hallway for almost 4 years, so I'm pretty happy that the one that works is that one. 4 and a half years ago the fixture up there started acting up and then quit working. We didn't replace it, as we meant to put up track lighting when I painted...which (cough) we did over a year ago...and then after having the track lighting for a mere 6 months we have actually installed it sunday. Our hall is a zig zag so there was lots of cutting and drilling and crazy ladder hanging to install it but it all works except for a little endy bit, which I'm sure we can just swap out. I keep just going to the hall and turning the light on and looking at it and grinning like a nutter. We'll figure the other one out eventually...

And the breadmaker? Oh my lovelies, you must get one...I made homemade pizza dough and buns with the new breadmaker. Soooooooo gooooooood. Even if I never make a loaf of bread with it it was worth it just to make 15 of the most delicious big kaiser buns I've ever had. Yummers. It will be very hard to not gain 10 lbs eating bread all the time. If the loaves turn out this good, I will do the happy dance (with a mouth full of delicious bread)...

This morning I got up to try a bellydance workout DVD I borrowed from my sis-in-law, which I think I'll have to pick up: the Luscious Bellydance Workout from World Dance New York.
I have to give it 2 enthusiastic thumbs up, even though I only got through half of the moves training this morning. IT has a 45 minute workout that is completely composed of bellydance moves. It's broken down into 5 main categories of moves, and they have a training section that goes through every move in detail and all the combos they will use in the workout. It is step by step so even if you've never danced before you could do it. It would be a challenge if you were a newbie, but a great review for a more experienced dancer too. The main workout is all these moves grouped together to music. AND you have the option of doing the workout with and without commentary, which I like, as once you get the moves down, I like the option of being able to just turn off the voice and dance happily along to the music, as the music is quite nice Egyptian dance music. It's all very flowing and sexy and wonderful. I'm looking forward to adding it to my morning workouts...I need to build up my muscles again for dancing and just for toning...this seems like a fun way to keep up on my bellydance. There's even a choreographed dance you can learn at the end made up of all the moves taught on the DVD. Cool! My only complaint about the DVD would be that it has no warmup or cooldown bits on it...but I know enough stretches that I can just do my own before and after.

I'm pumped to learn more bellydance, as my friend Kristi went to Dubhai on business and while she was there she picked me up a GORGEOUS professional dance outfit there at a street bazaar - hand beaded moss green with gold coins and sequins and beading. Best birthday gift ever...
It is beautiful: a top and hip scarf - I just need to make a green skirt to go with it. I tried it on and it fits perfectly :) It's the kind of outfit that would be about $350 here...and she bartered the guy down to $20. $20! That's crazy! I'm so glad she saw it and thought of me...she said it was fun to barter for it too...I can't wait to actually dance in it at a recital sometime. I may end up just wearing it around the house every once in a while...I'm sure J won't mind :)

ANYWAYS, I must be off. Lots to do.
Have a great day!


Scrumpy said…
Sounds like you're doing great and are still crazy busy! We're finally trying to finish up painting our place. I want to get it done before my family comes for Thanksgiving. We'll see...

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