Achy butt is a symptom of what again?

I think I'm getting what my husband has. Last night I ached all over (even my butt...that was wierd...), especially my arms, which I'm assuming is from the shots. I'm still stiff in one arm today and generally feeling wiped out. This morning I have developed a nasty cough. Boo.
I think getting 2 immunizations pushed me over the edge and weakened me up a bit. After an important meeting I think I'm going home to bed to see if I can cut this off before it gets too bad. J is really really sick, and I have no desire to get that sick...
Here's hoping.


Scrumpy said…
Oh I hope you don't get sick! I always get something after the shots. They make you think it is all in your head, but we know the truth!
Well dang, that sounds unpleasant! Hope you feel better soon!
Tom Bailey said…
The ache is a sign of flu and not just a cold. Super hot showers, rolling a tennis ball on the floor on my back, suana and massages helped me.

Best regards
Geosomin said…
Mmm...I think I'll try the tennis ball thing. I know yesterday I was crying for a massage in my back...the aches was just rediculous. I'll have to find the tennis ball first, but it sounds like a great idea. thanks!

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