Tah Dah!

It was a busy weekend...contrasting one day of exhausting cold work and utterly terrible eating and a day of getting up early, speed walking 5K on the Cancer run and then going out fro an awesome breakfast and then a family dinner later.
Saturday I helped J shoot a halloween episode for the music show he works on. It turns out there is a Camp Crystal Lake a few hours from where we live, so we took the crew and gear there and set up on the shore of the lake to shoot a Friday the 13th themed episode. It was fun...but cold, slightly rainy and full of crap food. Small town highway gas station and pit stop sort of snacks. Normally I pack snack for this sort of thing, but having lived 2 weeks at the work/pledge drive mine there wasn't much for food for me to pack, so we just winged it.
The next day I made myself get up and had a much better day. It was the breast cancer walk...a chilly misty day, but very inspiring. I really enjoyed it, and raised $250 for the cause...I walked in memory of my friend Shirley and in honor of the smile bringing Missicat, who is currently undergoing her breast cancer treatment. It was so encouraging to talk to the survivors and feel the hope - and see that so many people beat cancer. To feel like I'm helping a bit in my own little way. I'm hoping all the positive energy from the day somehow made it down to her...:)

After that and a family dinner J and I got out to a gypsy punk show. I was tired (still am), but Gogol Bordello puts on a great high energy show...it was a fine end to a truly insane 2 weeks.

I cannot tell you how glad I am to be back into regular life. No more takeaway food (yes I'm actually tired of takeout. I didn't think that could happen), my evenings back AND maybe even catching up on my sleep? Pllus, in the more advanced bellydance classes this year we're learning floorwork and (BwaHAH!) balancing swords on our heads. On our heads people! Meep.


Scrumpy said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. And what a thing to look forward to... dancing with a sword on your head!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Dancing with a sword on your head? I gotta see this!

And good for you for doing the breast cancer walk!