Better with age

One of the reasons I don't mind taking the bus is I get to meet interesting people...yes some of them are nutters and some smell funny, but occasionally I get off the bus feeling 10 times better for having met someone new and interesting.

Tuesday night as I was on transit delivering a policeman's hat, I got to meet a 72 year old Scottish lady named Marjorie who was on her way to teach bellydance class :) Yup - teach bellydance at 72! She had been a Dance Egypt dancer for many many years (a local troupe) but they had started to hint at her that perhaps she was a bit old to be dancing. So she said "adeu" (I love adeau said with a scottish accent...made me giggle) and twirled up her hipscarf and shimmyed off to start a few classes for older and larger ladies at her local community hall and hasn't looked back.
As we took the long bus ride she told me about her growing up in Bonny Doon and going to the theatre every saturday to see plays. She felt the arts were suffering with lack of real theatre, and told me of her son, who was an actor, having trouble finding work here in Saskatoon. We talked about my job and my bellydance classes and I was pleased to find that the bellydance troupe I'm taking lessons from this year were very highly respected by her and that she hoped to start a senior's class there as well (our sclasses are actually in the multi-purpose room of a senior's apartment complex so it's a perfect place for it!). She told me to never stop dancing and wished me a bonny day then got off, jingling as she left (her hip scarf was already on) , and left me behind grinning for the rest of my ride.

I hope when I'm 72 I can be even slightly that cool!

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