Happy birthday - I got you the flu!

I spent most of yesterday coughing and fevery and chills, but thankfully today my muscly aches are pretty much gone. Hot damn. It was like severe PMS...for 4 freaking days. Yes, lets say I'm overwhelmed and joyous at the less achy bit. I'm not too sure if it was me being sick or the vaccinations. Either way I'm glad it's gone. It was not cool.
Feeling better today - no more fever and such, and I have more energy. J feels guilty having given me what he has, but spending a romantic weekend away together pretty much guaranteed that whatever he got I would eventually. I'm just hoping it goes away relatively soon. J was feeling good enough to head back to work today, so I'm hoping that by the end of the weekend I'll be well on the mend. I already feel better than yesterday.
I'm supposed to go bridesmaid dress shopping together with a friend and her mom and sisters tomorrow, so I'm hoping I'll be at the drug myself up to the gills stage by then so I can get out for a bit. I'd hate to put it off again - it's the only time in 3 months we could all get together in the city to do it...and it would be fun. I just don't want to spread the plague. We'll see how I feel.
Friends and I were having a bonfire tonight for my birthday and my lovely J and others are setting it up. I'm determined to bundle myself up and go even for a little while and sip hot chocolate...I'd hate to spend my whole birthday in bed!
I have watched a lot of James Bond though...I still think Golden Eye and Casino Royale are my favourites...for plot and strong characters and low cheese level.
Anyways, I should have some tea and put the lappy down and go have a nap. Boring as it is, it'll get me better.
Have a nice weekend all!


Charlotte said...

Happy Birthday!!! And I hope you feel better ASAP!

Peter T Chattaway said...

Interesting ... your two favorite James Bond movies happen to have the same director, i.e. Martin Campbell. Coincidence? :)