Geo's Hat Delivery Service

Last night did not go as planned...
I had a in my head a relaxing evening of making bread in my new machine, posting blog stuff, catching up on chores and visiting a friend to bring him some thanksgiving nibbles my Mum sent home for him. Instead I spent the majority of it cleaning up the tornado search for a costume hat that went through my house (sigh), then finding this hat in a bizaree obscure place and delivering it (by public transit) to where J needed it for a project. I have had it reaffirmed that we need to complete our reorganising projects. Big time.
Finally, about 8:30, I could go home, have some food and drop quickly by my friends house to deliver the yummy goods before rushing home to do some more chores and squeak into bed at around midnight. Whew.
I had grand plans to get up and do my Dance Fusion Workout this morning and have homemade toast for breakfast...but instead I slept in and had some oatmeal. It'll do.
Life is always throwing a little bit out there to keep you alert! I'll get it together eventually :)

And I now know, if you need a hat delivered on time...just call me. I know people. I can hook you up :)

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