We had a mini holiday weekend. It was lovely. Had tickets to Moby in Edmonton so we made a little romantic getaway out of it, seeing as it's my birthday this weekend. It was a great concert. Plus, we spent the weekend in the Polynesia room...bhwaha! A big hot tub. A giant bed shaped like a boat...tee hee! So nice. I didn't go too crazy food wise - I had cedar planked salmon and roasted veggies with brown rice when we went out for a posh romantic dinner...erm...OK, and pumpkin pie too....and a drink that tasted like a piece of merangue pie (mmm...heaven). I had bangers and mash for breakfast...just cause I could...personally I think you should be able to have mashed potatoes and peas for breakfast anytime. Oh, and wine...and lots of grapes.
OK, down on paper it was not too bad, but not too good...but, yes it was WONDERFUL!

Tonight I have a big family dinner to go to-J's Grandma is 80! I'll try and stay away from too much mennonite food and be good. No doubt there will be lots of cabbage rolls, perogies and good mennonite cream gravy...I promise to be good.

I'm excited as tomorrow morning I can try out one of my new bellydance DVDs. I have the Tribal drills DVDs from Fat Chance Bellydance now, courtesy of my instructor - looking forward to trying them out! I have the Basics Vol.1 DVD AND the advanced workshop Vol. 4 DVDs now to cover all the moves I have learned and some of the new ones I will be. I wanted some extra drilling, as the other girls in the intermediate class also take lessons from her on monday nights so I feel like I'm falling behind, even tho it is thru no fault of my own. This will let me get in extra practice catch up in a way. I'll feel much better. I wish they weren't so expensive or I'd order the whole series. With shipping they come to $45 each...too steep for me to go that crazy right now...even when my instructor orders them in they aren't really much cheaper...

PLUS I found a tribal costume pattern on Ebay for cheap so I can make my own choli and 10 yard skirt for tribal - buying them premade is pricey. Plus I love to sew so I'm looking forward to making them myself. The costuming is slightly different than egyptian so I'd like to have more choices for dancing. There's a pattern for tribal hip scarves included (they have no coins and lots of shells, fringe and tassels instead) plus instructions about how to properly wrap a turban and costume up for traditional tribal dress and sword balancing. Cool!

Chicky chick ladies!


Scrumpy said…
Your weekend sounds heavenly. Just like all birthdays should be!
Tom Bailey said…
Sounds like a great way to workout. Although I would not be up for it.
Charlotte said…
Bellydancing!! So fun! And I'm impressed you can read a pattern. Those have always eluded me. Will you post pics of the final product?

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