This morning I slept in, as I was up deliciously late visiting with my friend Heather, who I just don't get to see enough of. We spent the evening yakking, nibbling junk and lime diet coke and playing a bit of Tomb Raider...like the old nerds we are. Felt like a college student again for the first time in years. You know...having fun? Just cuz? This adult so serious all the time stuff is for suckers :P.
It was nice to catch up and we totally lost track of time. I didn't get home until midnight and to bed far after, but hey - I'm not that tired and I'm glad for it all.
Today I will eat healthy and be good and then hang out with my brother for supper and have another good visit.
It's such a pleasant change from being so busy and rushed in September...I'm catching up with everyone, including myself. I can feel the stress dribble out of my toes and back into the river of life where it belongs. I'm sure a few days of consistent exercise haven't hurt either!

I'm finding it really daunting, this "getting back at it" thing. Now that the sun comes up very late (as I'm on my way to the bus) I have been whining about how it's dark and I'm busy and I"m tired and blah blah blah blah...and you know what?
I just want to be where I was at before I screwed up my knee and I've been trying to avoid all the hard work it took to get there. I read a post over at Jack Sh*t Getting Fit and it just gave me a kick in the ass and a serious finger wagging that I *really* needed.

Excuses give me nothing. If I'm worth it (and I am) then I have to suck it up like the good muffin I am. 2 good days of bellydancing are a start. This is LIFE. Believe me, from now on..... IT'S ON!

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