The C word. No not *that* one

In my family there has been a lot of it. My Dad's 2 brothers...close friends...their parents...sisters...brothers...fathers.
I see the faces of people every day who come in for chemo. For some, it's a relapse and they're ready to fight. Others, for the first treatment are nervous and twitchy, waiting to see what they're in for. Moms trying to comfort their trying to comfort their moms. Some days it gets to me. Other days the strength and humor of the people I meed staggers me and feeds me.
Every year we have a breast cancer run here in town. This year it's this sunday. I'll be out there in the rain with a lot of great people, remembering the people we've lost and celebrating with the survivors. The funding raised helps the families of those diagnosed with breast cancer...and helps fund research of people like me who are trying to figure out how this whole cancer things functions anyways, so we can try and figure out how to stop it. I didn't raise as much as I'd like, but I know it helps. Awareness helps. Everything we do helps.
I've had people ask me why with all the money they donate and we receive for cancer we haven't cracked it yet. Why we haven't found a cure?
I wish it was that simple. I truly hope that in my lifetime (maybe even in my lab) someone will make the link that will allow us to treat cancer effectively. You have no idea how much I want that.

My big concern about it all lately has been prevention. I know, genetically, some people have the deck stacked against them...but we can do some things. Little things. We can make smart choices and look after ourselves. We can force companies to stop putting chemicals and "food like substances" into us and our children.

Most importantly, we can live every day fully...try and make things better. Live. Love. Be who you want to be. Every day.

I truly believe cancer can be beaten.
Let's do it. Together.