Smoocherama here I come

Last night the beginner's class was a lot of Egyptian hip twists and turns...and then the advanced class...where we practiced a arm florio turn (don't remember the name of it but it looks neat when we all do it in synch), some group work and then floor work - the start of back bends. Very cool, but by the end of it all my major muscle groups were used all up. It's hard work to dance. Having two 1 1/2 hour classes back to back is quite a bit when you're out of practice!
I'm actually not as stiff as I thought I would be and if felt great to do so much. I need to do more practicing I think, to get the muscles back I had in the spring. Plus there's a lot different in tribal style I'm still learning. It was good to know I remembered so much of it...for a while there I thought it had floated away into the fog.

Ah. Just a creaky busy day in the lab and I get to go home to spend the weekend with J. He shaves his mustache off today (WOOOOOO! YEAH!!!!) after his obliged 2 weeks of keeping his Tom Selleck 'stachio after the pledge drive, so I'm looking forward to a few kisses with no facial hair. It's been over a year since he's had no beard. And 2 weeks with the mustache. Me no likey mustaches...
Between that and making bread in the new breadmaker I'm so pumped about a relaxing weekend with my J. Can't wait!
Have a great weekend! :)

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Scrumpy said...

I've never kissed a guy with a mustache. I'm glad to know I'm not missing out on any big thrill. :)